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Report on Campaign on Resisting Gay Games in HK

2023-11-25 01:43:00

Reporting Time:        24 Nov 2023             


Raymond Chan Chi-chuen had been lobbying for holding LGBTQ’s associated Gay Games in HK. His efforts were joined up by Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee when he pushed a motion on 「Studying formulation of policies for homosexual couples to enter into a union」 in 2018. Raymond Chan Chi-chuen subsequently celebrated the successful bidding for hosting the Gay Games in HK in 2021. Due to severe opposition and also the Covid-19 in HK, Gay Games was stalled and deferred to Nov.,2023 and the event was to be co-hosted in Mexico just in case. Gay Games purportedly promote Diversity, Inclusiveness and Equality but indeed has been key propellant for their secret agenda which was to legalise same sex marriage.

2. Our Mission

Apart from the scattered oppositions in the past, we are a group of ordinary HK residents learning the truth of their agenda and the development of Gay Games in HK to be harmful and repugnant to our common and traditional value of a family, started to voice out our concern and resist the Gay Games to be held in HK since April, 2023.

3. Our Voices and Views

Altogether we had held over 10 meetings to resolve on our campaign against the Gay Games to be held in HK. We set our views and arguments straight and lay out and broadcast our views in public. Those views are found in our website www.Antitly.com  which are summarized as follows:-

a) Same sex marriage was against our traditional value;

b) It is also against the PRC constitution, Civil Code of the PRC and National Security Act;

c) To seek for overturning the Judgment of Jimmy Sham Tsz-kit;

4. Our Work

Since the urges and callings of Joyce Chiu to activate our motion and quicken our pace, we have taken the following actions to arouse the public attention and to say No to the Gay Games.

Between April to November 2023:-

a) We staged a forum;

b) We set up our website;

c) We launched our signing campaigns;

d) We petitioned to the CE and Legco members;

e) We set street stations;

f) We held an open prayer;

g) We launched our press conference against the Gay Games to downgrade their impact.

5. Results

Despite the fact that the Gay Games was eventually held in HK., we put up a very good resistance to the Gay Games, first, all HK governmental departments stayed away from it; Second, for those who had indicated to sponsor the event later on stayed behind the scene and tuned down their involvement; Third, their venues for events had been restricted to limited place; Fourth, the overall turn out rate for the Gay Games held in November was substantially downsized to 2-3 k as opposed to the originally estimated figure of 12k. All in all, our opposition has made a significant difference, awakening the silent majority of society to the Gay Games and LGBT+ projects and their opposition, and the voices of opposition in the Legislative Council and within the government have become significantly louder.

6. Way Forward

Given the strong supports for the Gay Games by entities very often coming from abroad with sinful amount of donation in disguise, there are also no insignificant no of the poorly misled local counterparts in HK to sing at their hymn sheet, we must continue our fight, we must continue to fight. In particular, it is a new battle to overturn the judgement of the Court of Final Appeal in the Jimmy Sham Tsz-kit case, and we must unite our strength to fight for the overturning of that judgement.

Our strategy to oppose their coming will continue to champion on and we will ally ourselves with the international cooperative bodies to change the tide which is our ultimate goal.

A Group of Ordinary Resistants against Gay Games

November 2023

抵制同樂運動會(Gay Games)工作報告

報告時間:        2023年11月24日       


陳志全一直遊說在香港舉辦與LGBTQ相關的Gay Games。2018年,他獲得了葉劉淑儀的支持,葉劉淑儀在陳志全的「研究制訂讓同志締結伴侶關係的政策」議案中表示支持。陳志全隨後慶祝成功舉辦2021年香港Gay Games。由於遭到強烈反對以及香港Covid-19肆虐,Gay Games被推遲到2023年11月舉行,以防萬一,該活動還將在墨西哥共同舉辦。Gay Games聲稱促進多樣性,包容性和平等,但背後的關鍵推動力,他們有著秘而不宣的意圖,就是同性婚姻合法化。

2. 我們的使命

除了過往零散的反對行動外,我們這群普通香港市民在了解到他們實際意圖的真相,以及他們在香港發展Gay Games會對我們共同的傳統家庭價值觀造成傷害以及排斥後,我們開始表達我們的關注,並自 2023年4月起抵制在香港舉行的Gay Games運動。

3. 我們的聲音和觀點

我們一共舉行了十多次會議,以此解決在香港舉行的我們反對並抵制的Gay Games運動的問題。我們闡明了我們的觀點和論點,並將其公開闡述廣而告之。這些觀點可在我們的網站 www.Antitly.com上找到,其摘要如下:

a) 同性婚姻顛覆了我們的傳統價值觀;

b) 也違反《中華人民共和國憲法》、《民法典》和《國家安全法》;

c) 尋求推翻終審法院岑子傑案件的判決。

4. 我們的工作

由於Joyce呼籲我們啟動行動並加快行動步伐,我們採取了以下行動來引起公眾的關注,並向Gay Games說“不”。


a) 我們舉辦了一個論壇;

b) 我們建立我們的網站(www.Antitly.com) ;

c) 我們發起了簽名活動;

d) 我們向行政長官和立法會議員請願;

e) 我們在街頭設置街站;

f) 我們舉行了公開祈禱;

g) 我們召開新聞發佈會,反對Gay Games以降低其影響。

5. 結果

儘管Gay Games最終在香港舉行,我們對Gay Games進行了相當不錯的反對工作。首先,香港政府各部門都保持距離; 其次,對於那些後來表示贊助該活動的人都退居幕後並減少參與; 第三,他們的活動場地被限制在特定地點; 第四,11月舉行的Gay Games的整體參與率從最初預計的12000人大幅縮減至2000-3000人。總括而言,我們的反對行動是起了顯著作用,喚醒了社會上沉默大多數人關注Gay Games和LGBT+的計劃,並做出反對,而在立法會內以及政府內提出的反對聲音也明顯地大了。

6. 未來路向

鑒於經常有來自海外的勢力大力支持Gay Games,並不道德地向Gay Games變相捐款,也不乏有被誤導的香港本地同行為他們唱讚歌,我們必須繼續戰鬥。特別在推翻終審法院岑子傑案件的判決上,是一場新的戰役,大家必須團結力量爭取推翻該判決為重。



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